Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is typically used on vertical surfaces when a new doorway, window or HVAC opening is needed. The primary use for wall sawing is for cutting doors, windows, and mechanical openings into concrete and masonry walls. Other wall sawing applications could be cutting in of loading docks and retaining walls, and their demolition. The wall saw runs on a track, fastened to the wall, which results in a very accurate and precise (plumb and square) opening.  

Precision Concrete Cutting also utilizes a hydraulic powered chain saw that we use to cut square corners, ensuring there is no loss of structural integrity, or cause damage to adjacent surfaces. Water is used in the wall sawing process which helps eliminate dust, and the “slurry” is contained and makes for easier clean-up. Precision Concrete Cutting can make full depth cuts in walls for door and window openings with no structural damage.


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