Drainage Concrete Cutting

About seven different types of main services can be done with drainage concrete cutting on our team. Electric sawing, core drilling, hand sawing, wall sawing, slab sawing, curb cutting, and wire sawing. We use the most efficient and updated tools we can get our hands on when it comes to all of your projects so our team can get the job done the right way the first time in a clean and modern manner. The tools we have require less equipment and set up which in turn will help reduce time on the job site. And of course all of our team members have the experience and training on each tool we use on your project. Below we have listed some core information on the first few topics, and any questions or inquiries about the rest of our drainage concrete cutting services can be made by contacting us.

Electric sawing is more useful when applied to hospitals, office buildings and malls, and schools. So anywhere that you are going to have issues when you need to be running long cables, electric sawing is the correct solution to this problem.

Core drilling is a simple task for our team. We have the experience and know how to doing your job neatly and correct the first time around. To get an idea for what core drilling is used with, here are a couple of the services we offer for core drilling: anchor bolt holes, core for pipe or conduit penetrations, and bumper posts.

Hand sawing is usually thought of as using a regular hand saw that has no electrical power. Now-a-days, most of your hand saws are hand-held saws that are electrically ran. These different types of modern hand saws have reduced time on the job site and made it easier to saw through those bigger tasks with a cleaner cut. They cut through wood, plastic, wood composites, and certain types of metal. Of course we use the right type of hand saw for your task that will cut through what you need.

Wall sawing is mainly needed with door and window openings. Our goal with wall sawing is to get your project done in a dustless and vibration free way. This prevents any cracking in concrete walls. As with the rest of our services, we use the most updated and modern tool we as a team and company can get our hands on.


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